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A while since I posted

An email message sent to me informing me of a comment made from someone enjoying my blog reminded me that it had been a long time since I last posted.

Was it really 7 months since I last gave an update!  Well I am not sure whether I can fit it all into one post so I will start now and perhaps add more later.

January drifted into February, March and April and before I knew it I started to see signs of life.  The hotels were having their grounds tended and pools were being cleaned and filled.

Slowly at first but then after Easter the bars and restaurants began to open.  Like a bulb breaking through the ground and growing until it bloomed likewise Mallorca was starting to bloom too.  The summer season was beginning.

After a winter of peace and tranquility with empty roads, houses and apartments, lights began to go on and cars began to appear on the streets.  Now it was not so easy to park at the port.  Now the road train began its route passing our garden several times a day.  Once in a while a horse drawn carriage cantered up the road.  Not long now before you wouldn’t be able to move without them all around.

It was exciting to see people begin to arrive and walk around the streets.  The holidaymakers were coming.  Whilst in the winter those you meet are friends or neighbours and you are acknowledged by anyone in the street as ‘living here’, now as the summer approaches and strangers begin to appear you tend to fade into the background and disappear.  After all most people walking around are on holiday and not known to you and never will be and they think of you likewise.  Or, while walking my dog, I hear people talking about him thinking I am Spanish and that I don’t understand!  Sometimes I speak to them, sometimes I don’t it all depends on how much of a hurry I am in.

April was still a bit fresh in the evenings but when the sun shone brightly I knew that summer was just around the corner.

But now was the time to get my first tax return done.  Eager to get this sorted we made an appointment with the gestor for early May.

Never has a tax return been completed so quickly!  Details taken input into the system in Madrid online and then direct debits set up for June and November and that’s it.  Mind you there is no paperwork given to you.  The money goes out of your bank account and that’s it!  If I want any paperwork they will supply it later (at a charge no doubt) but for now I am registered on the system and all I have to do is make sure that the money is available when the direct debits are due to be paid.

But at least I can relax now.

Anyway, now I have to continue with my work, so I will continue with this update later.