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Freddy the rescue dog


As we are now feeling more settled it was a decision that we would take in a rescue dog. One reason was I need the exercise!

I had been watching the rescue centre websites since before we left England however their 20 page questionnaire taxed my best efforts at reading and writing in Spanish.

Searching on Google I found Dogs4U a local voluntary rescue organisation ran by English or English speaking people.

Well to cut a long story short our home check was carried out and upon the arrival of a little dog at the Lloseta pound we went to see him. He seemed perfect. Good natured, happy, friendly and loves everyone and everything. A week later with all paperwork completed Freddy (as we now call him) joined our family.

Five days later he has settled in – perhaps a little too well 🙂

His main problem appears to be separation anxiety but we are working on that. Another is the terror he has of going in a crate. Not the ideal situation as he tends to sneak upstairs and sleep beside our bed. But this is a work in progress and we have ordered a stair gate in the hope that we can persuade him to stay downstairs at night.

Early signs show he is incredibly intelligent and learns new words with relative ease. However the dog turned out to be a 9 month pup (he looks older) so his attention span of course is very short.

I will keep you updated with how we progress.

Oh and we now have our Spanish number plates 😉