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You Can’t Have Everything

As I make my way in the dark to the fuse box to flip the electricity back on I realise you can’t have everything.

The scales for the pros and cons continue to wobble back and forwards today. First of all the power cut/surge that we had previously has mucked up the computer and Mick has spent all day working on it.

The new Ninja blender arrived but decided to emit smoke and you can’t pop down the road for spares, you have to order online and pay the excessive postage. Of course delivery depends on whether they can find your address (luckily most couriers now know). The confusion is that roads/postcodes/addresses tend to be hit and miss. For example our house was originally known as the road our garden backs onto but now is known by the road the pathway to our front door is on. Even the town hall asked us which road we wanted to use when we registered for the council tax!

Then while out walking an elderly woman riding up the road on her bicycle loaded with shopping just toppled over sideways. Immediately a car pulled up and a young man got out and rushed to her side to help her up. He picked up her shopping and gently told her that it was dangerous to ride the bike like that and once he knew she was ok he got back in her car saying goodbye and telling her to be careful. Respect for elders is still in existence here.

Also while out a car pulled up with a young lady and her daughter. She called to me and asked whether I had seen her small dog that had escaped from her house. I hadn’t but at least I know that there is not the excessive dog-napping over here and I hope she finds it soon.

Back indoors and cooking the dinner we were plunged into darkness – which brings us back to where I started. Oven on, hob on, computer on (as Mick is still working on it), TV on – oh crikey the heating is on! Bang went the electric! Too used to not worrying how many appliances are on.

But you can’t have everything and nowhere is perfect. All the time the good outweighs the bad then you are in the right place. When the scales tip too far in the other direction then it is necessary to rethink your situation but for now I will fumble in the dark, curse the electricity with its antiquated system but carry on regardless for at the moment the scales are still tipped in Mallorca’s favour.