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Missing Spain

Now that the drama of the past few years are over with I read with interest the posts left by an ex colleague who has relocated to Spain.

I don’t comment much because I can’t.

In honesty I miss Spain.  I miss the sun, I miss the laid back attitude, I miss all the things that drew me to it in the first place.

But I know that nothing would change if we returned.  Ok so my health problem has hopefully been resolved but the isolation that I felt in the four walls as my hubby was unable to venture out much would not correct itself.

I would still find myself as a foreigner and the willingness of fitting in would not happen unless I did it on my own.  Social butterflies we have never been and the disability my husband now has makes it even more so.

But I have to admit to myself that when I look at the photos or I go for a Google walk around then I know that part of myself still belongs there.

I believe I said once before that I felt split with one foot in each country.  Both countries in my heart and I know that whichever country I live in the other one will always tug at my heart strings.