Living In Mallorca

Relocating to Mallorca

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Fear Late At Night

Well it is late on a Saturday night and the day has been busy.
Now the fear kicks in! It is in the tired times that the doubts creep in. From reaching a point of finally getting security I am giving it up. To go from finally owning my own house to into rented accommodation in a country that speaks a different language I can get terrified.

However I know in the morning I will be fine. Just give me the strength to get me passed this moment.

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Energy Survey

Now I have never heard of this “energy survey” that now has to be done on your property when you sell.

We never had all that when we first purchased our house!

A bit different to buying a house in Spain – I can’t see them insisting that our seller has an energy survey 🙂

Should think we will have no problem with our house though as it is a 30 year old Wimpy “super warm” house full of insulation etc and incredibly warm.

This should be done quite quickly and apparently doesn’t take long.

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House Under Offer

Our house is under offer! Within two days of being on the market we have had a first time buyer put in an offer very close to the asking price.

“Are you going to accept it” says our son. Of course we are! It doesn’t matter that we have not got the full asking price and it doesn’t matter that it is early days. We have been offered more than we were expecting and so that is fine with us.

I tend to get impressions of people when I first meet them that are rarely wrong, and I liked this young lad and his parents and what’s more – he loved our little house. I hope all goes through smoothly and that he will be as happy here as we have been.

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Time To Start Moving

Woke up this morning in our trailer. That was the last night ever that we will spend in it for today we are going back home and both the house and trailer are going on the market.

It has been a lovely weekend although the weather could have been better! We saw my 85 year old mother and my daughter and her two children came down and we had a great time. The weather meant that we spent it all in the trailer but it was still brilliant and the children didn’t want to leave.

Slightly bitter sweet though as of course the topic of conversation kept returning to us leaving for Mallorca. Not that anyone is trying to stop us but it’s just the realisation that you are a flight away should you have to return quickly for any reason.

But I guess that is the same dilemma for anyone when they consider moving away to another country and at least we will still be relatively close.

A friend of mine is moving to New Zealand – now that is a long way!

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Well we have spent the last few weeks decorating ready for when our house goes on the market (Monday) and inbetween that we have fitted in working full time, researching all we need to know to make our transition correctly and reading as many books as possible.

Now I am exhausted!

This weekend we are taking our last trip in our fifth wheel trailer before that too goes up for sale and I am looking forward to resting both physically and mentally. With a tinge of sadness as I know it will be a farewell trip!


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Ups and Downs

Ok so this morning I am a bit scared and sad.

We worked all day decorating yesterday and now it is finished. I have even made initial contact with the estate agent.

I also told my 85 year old mum who took it fairly well. At the moment she cares for her 97 year old husband but she has said that she will come and visit while she is still able although she will not come and live with us because her friends are here and she can’t stand too much heat.

I have started to distance myself from this house that has been our home for 29 years and I know that I am ready to move on. However the memories are here and it has been our home.

What we are doing is making ourselves homeless and it is scary!

All our personal bits and pieces will be stored away along with our familiar furniture while we rent for 6 months as we look for the place to call our new home.

While I have a moment or two of fear and doubt I know from reading on forums that this is a natural reaction but I seem to be forever having ups and downs!

Oh well time to get on with tidying the garden and I am sure that as I get engrossed in my task I will be back on an up. Certainly is a roller coaster!


Cars in Spain

The complexities of owning a car in Spain have completely left me worn out this evening!

  1. If we take our car with us it will need to be Spanish registered after 3 months. That is good except that it probably will not pass an IVT (MOT) because it is right hand drive.
  2. If we purchase a left hand drive before leaving the UK there is the problem (if a Spanish registered car) of checking there are no debts or fines outstanding on it in Spain or if it comes from another country it will have to be registered in the UK first then registered again in Spain – a costly and complicated business.
  3. I cannot buy a car in Spain until I have an NIE in Spain which I don’t get until I buy a house which will be after we have moved into rented accommodation for a while whilst looking for a property to buy. Another option would be a house rental agreement for a year which we don’t want as we hope to have bought our own place before then!
  4. Long term car rental is another option but from my research that is very expensive too!

So what to do? I am none the wiser and can see that the taxi drivers will be the only people that gain out of this?

My hubbie said perhaps we should just get a horse!