Living In Mallorca

Relocating to Mallorca

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Goodbyes are Very Sad

Tears come to my eyes when saying goodbye.

I hate goodbyes!

With my Mum talking as if she’s never going to see me again and my daughter taking a last look around our house I get very emotional.

The next time we see them will be in a couple of weeks at my nephew’s funeral. Mick says perhaps we should have a goodbye party but I don’t know if that would be just too upsetting.

Don’t know what to think.

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Buyer has Mortgage Offer

Our buyer now has his mortgage offer and is wanting to set exchange of contracts and completion for end of November/beginning of December.

That means getting a move on!!

Have to wait for solicitors to get on with it though.

Moving quickly now…

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A Nostalgic Moment

I did have a moment over the weekend as I sorted through all the old photos.

Nostalgia and seeing the faces of the grandchildren did touch me quite a bit but in reality they all grow up and want to spend time with their friends and following their own interests and hobbies. A couple of hours every couple of months means that if we visit the UK or they visit us in Spain then we will have more quality time (hate that phrase!) than if we still lived in the UK.

Then of course there is still Skype 😉

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Boxes & Packing

Have ordered a couple of packs of those extra strong packing boxes.

Just how many we will need is purely guesswork but the removal firm have confirmed we can use cardboard or plastic and that they don’t mind as the final price is worked out on volume back at the depot.

So bearing in mind how to distribute the weight so they can lift them we will use both. We have about 20 or so of those big plastic boxes and as long as we use them for the lighter items we should be ok.

I think that we will start packing some things next weekend once the parcel tape, bubble wrap and boxes arrive. That way the items I know we will not need can be packed away and there will be less to do nearer to the move.

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Truck & Trailer

Update on the truck and trailer is that we have been approached by someone who wants it but I will wait and see when we have the space on our drive again 🙂

It definitely is the wrong time to sell (spring time is best when people start thinking about holidays). But we have to weigh up the cost of how much it would cost to store them versus the amount we would have to drop the price so close to Christmas present buying time!

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Valuation Survey

The surveyor came today after rearranging Thursdays appointment due to ill health.

So that is another item ticked off the list!

Hopefully he will get his report back to the bank and that it will be favourable (he said it takes 24 hours) and then I guess the next thing I will hear is when they give a date for exchange of contracts and completion.

Getting closer!

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Lull before ….

It has reached that time. The time when the initial frantic organising has ground to a moment of quiet and tranquility.

Nothing more can be done until the bank allows the funds to be rubber stamped and we make a set date for exchange and completion.

I am looking forward to a weekend of sorting through cupboards and drawers at my own pace. No rushing to clear things and get them in the skip. To leisurely start organising what comes with us in the car and what will go into storage.

I don’t even want to worry about selling the trailer – I am feeling mentally tired and I guess it will all come together.

We have the apartment arranged so we will have a roof over our heads – the most important thing – and I guess everything else will just work itself out!