Living In Mallorca

Relocating to Mallorca

Relocation Costs

The costs both expected and unexpected should be taken into account when relocating to another country.  Here is a list you should check out and bear in mind when working out your budget.

While in the UK:

  • Estate agents fee
  • Money laundering check
  • Official searches
  • Archive charge
  • Funds transfer fee
  • Professional legal fees
  • VAT
  • Royal mail redirection (we needed it for 6 months)

Ready to move:

  • Collection cost by removal firm
  • European removal cost
  • Storage rental fee

If you are renting for a while as you seek out your new home:

  • Rent per month
  • Electricity bills
  • Water bills

House purchase in Mallorca:

  • Estate agent fee, if necessary
  • Legal fees
  • Notario fee
  • Tax bill for purchase of house (ours was 8% for a resale property)

To handle the immense amount of bureaucracy while continuing to work it was necessary to employ a company that took over the organising of it all.  The total amount that was paid for arranging the following came to €3,160.24 which I have stated so that you can have an idea of the costing.  Bear in mind this is for two people.  A lot of work was done for this including the following:

  • Change of UK plates on car to Spanish plates
  • Licensed copies of passports that were needed to register at different places
  • NIE administration
  • TASA local fee
  • Tax office administration
  • S1 pensioner social security number
  • Health cards
  • Health card local charge
  • Town Hall registration
  • Residencia
  • Local residencia charge
  • Change driving licences to Spanish licences (handy as they have your NIE number on it as well as your photo so serve as ID as well)
  • Driving licence local charge
  • Marriage certificate translation
  • Translation of S1 and collection fee

We have now needed to use their services again to find out the amount due for the equivalent of the council tax and car road tax and set up the direct debit for future years.  This has cost a further €199.65 therefore:

  • Council tax administration
  • Car tax administration

Sundry costs once moved into our house:

  • Internet connection
  • Communidad monthly fee for upkeep of community areas
  • Car insurance
  • Pet Insurance for our rescue dog
  • House insurance
  • Satellite dish
  • Skype phone

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