Living In Mallorca

Relocating to Mallorca

About Me

A little bit of background about me is that I am married with 4 children between us and at the last count a total of 14 grandchildren/spares.  When I say at the last count it is because in this world we now have the “blood related” and “marriage/partner related” children or grandchildren.  Anyway let’s just say there are loads of them but they are all family no matter who or where they came from 🙂

In 1987 I had my first holiday in Mallorca and there began the love affair I and my husband had with the island.  We returned year after year for the next 25 years and we always used to say that one day we would love to live there and during that time we made many friends of all nationalities.

In 2012 on our 25th annual holiday to the beautiful island it was a slightly bitter sweet holiday as my husband had almost reached retirement age and although I had a few years ahead of me I knew that one salary would not enable us to enjoy the holidays for much longer.

While on that holiday (and keeping in touch with my colleague and team leader) I received the news that something exciting would be happening when I returned to work.

The good news was that it had been decided that my position within the company could easily be worked on remotely now and that if I really wished to move to Spain (or anywhere) then as long as I could maintain my current standard of work then they were happy for me to do so.

This was in July 2012 and by the end of November 2012 we had sold our home in the UK and had moved to Mallorca.

I had absolutely no idea what this involved!  So this website is my experiences in the hope that should you wish to do the same that you will not go into it quite so blindly as I did.

Good luck!


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