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Season is grinding to a halt

It’s a strange time of the year as the season slows down ready to close for the winter months.

For anyone used to living in seaside towns then the end of the season will be a familiar time for them. But for me it is a new experience.

When we arrived here in November last year we relished in the peace and quiet. To walk along practically deserted roads after working in London it was bliss. Then came the cyclists training for the Tour De France. Chaos on the roads as you tried to avoid the groups of cyclists clad in Lycra!

As the cyclists diminished then came the tourists – slowly at first – as they marched scantily clad in the first signs of sunshine. It was lovely to see Mallorca awakening as if from sleep and life began to emerge from the closed shops and bars.

Fast forward into the midst of summer when you dodged the hoards of people and children as they soaked up the sun and enjoyed their break away from work and school. The beaches were now packed and the heat so intense that I kept indoors with the air con on at peak times. Air con was essential to sleep at night and thoughts of the electricity bill was brushed aside while I coped with my first July and August in my new home.

Finding somewhere to park was now difficult as the rental cars flooded the towns and at times we wished for the quieter winter period to return.

But now, as it approaches, there is something slightly sad about the end of the season. Slowly bars and hotels are closing or getting ready to close. Tourists are still here but in lower numbers. As the temperatures still remain in the mid 20’s I notice the deciduous trees losing their leaves and it seems strange.

The groups of cleaners that would be around cleaning the apartments while I took my morning walk with Freddy are disappearing and some of the swimming pools are being closed.

It reminds me of how life is a cycle – life and death – the same as the seasons and I know that it will all come around again but even so I feel a slight sadness as I watch life slowly winding down ready for the sleep before once again we have the rebirth of Spring.


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Mallorca through fresh eyes

Today we are feeling sad as family have now left and flown back to the UK.  However they have left us with photos that they have taken of their visit and it is nice to see Mallorca through fresh eyes.


Alcudia (4)AlcudiaIMG_0045IMG_0175IMG_0178IMG_0192IMG_0206IMG_0208IMG_0215IMG_0217IMG_0219IMG_0222IMG_0224IMG_0226IMG_0227IMG_0234IMG_0244IMG_0254IMG_0255IMG_0278Sa Colabra (2)Sa Colabra (9)Sa Colabra (13)Sa Colabra (20)IMG_0052IMG_0075IMG_0079IMG_0085IMG_0093IMG_0105IMG_0106IMG_0108IMG_0114IMG_0120IMG_0125IMG_0139IMG_0142IMG_0158IMG_0161IMG_0164IMG_0172


I am so pleased that their first visit to Mallorca was a happy one and that they found it to be more fascinating and beautiful than they thought it would be.