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Toads Mating Call

Today began with an unidentified sound and has continued all day long. While I write I can hear them still!

The toads are calling for a mate.

It is the first time I have had the pleasure of hearing them. I say them because there are two different calls. One slightly higher pitched than the other.

At the back of our house (really its the front but our house is one of those back to front houses with the garden leading on to a road, whereas the front has a walkway) we have a piece of fenced off waste ground. Now this area is a bit marshy and where it has rained for the past couple of days there are lovely big puddles with reeds and plants surrounding them.

Well from these makeshift ‘ponds’ the song of the toad can be heard. I know they are toads because I checked my suspicions by searching on You Tube!

I have to admit that my love of the book A Lizard in My Luggage helped to remind me what was going on. The author, Anna Nicholas, who lives in Mallorca had gone on a fair bit about her toads so it gave me an inkling of what was happening.

Well to some it may be annoying but I think it’s great and although they remain hidden from my sight I know I have my own little wildlife centre just a few feet from my front door 🙂


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Purchase update

I just realised that 10 days has gone by since I last posted with an update!

It has been a stressful time. Right up to the last minute the purchase was on and off with delays and problems and on the day we were due to see the Notary we were hanging around waiting for the bank that we were paying for the house to give us a final figure.

Finally the amount was decided and it was a dash to our bank for a bank cheque and then a speedy drive to Palma to see the Notary. Luckily Carles our estate agent drove us and although we were an hour late he was in constant contact with them on the phone.

Being a Brit the horror I felt at being late for an official appointment was just met by a Spanish shrug and dismissal. This is Spain the notary will still be there.

About half an hour or so later with all the official bits done it was time for a bite to eat with Carles. Celebration time – except he got called away to view a property. Oh well we sat in the plaza waiting until he finished and he picked us up to go back home.

With keys in our hand he suggested that we might like a quick trip to our house first. Of course!

So after a tense few weeks, or should I say 4 months, we now have a home. In just 6 days time out furniture will be delivered from storage and we will move in.

Time now to make all the repairs and get used to the place.

No turning back now 😉