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Items in Storage that I Miss

Out of all the items in storage there are a few of my favourites that I miss.

  • My dishwasher – goes without saying that once you have been used to a dishwasher doing it by hand soon becomes a chore!
  • My wok
  • My pressure cooker
  • Pots and pans – here there are only a limited supply as it is a holiday apartment and my old favourites I miss.
  • My bowls and other cooking utensils
  • My hand whisk
  • My artwork supplies – how I could have done with my paints and brushes to calm me down in recent weeks!
  • My toenail clippers – they are growing so long and ordinary nail clippers can’t cope

On the whole I remembered the most important items but just being in a muddle all the time can be a little frustrating.  How I long to have my filing unit so I can file away important paperwork and be able to find it at a moments notice.

I would like to be able to grab clothes according to the weather and not be limited to the small amount that I thought would suit but don’t!

I need my personal bits and pieces to feel that I am actually belonging here and not just visiting.  Nothing spectacular just my own ornaments; photo albums; knick-knacks etc.  You know those sort of things that make your home actually feel like your home.

Oh well hopefully not much longer.