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Relocating to Mallorca

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Ever Felt Silly

If you have ever felt silly then you will know what I mean.

After suffering for days in the excessive heat with no air con in our lounge or bedroom we phoned the air con company again.  “Hello Mick how are you?”, they said.  “Hot!” said Mick.  “Sorry we will come out today” they said.

Sure enough this time they turned up.  I think we gave the engineer a laugh.  Two minutes is all it took.  He showed us where we ‘reset’ the air con unit.  “Like a computer” he said in Spanish pointing at my computer.

So for about a week we have been sweltering in the heat and all we had to do was flick a switch off in the fuse box; leave it a few minutes and then flick it back on!

Oh well he probably went away thinking ‘crazy English’.  What he has to remember is we come from a colder climate where air con is only used in offices and big buildings and rarely at home…. we won’t forget how to do that in a hurry 🙂

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Padron and other stuff

We are now registered on the Padron.

The lovely Tamara came up from Magaluf to help us and thank goodness she did. We started off at the official Town Hall in Alcudia and were told that they didn’t deal with it and were directed elsewhere. After trying what looked like another official building we were directed on to another building that looked nothing like an official place 😉

Then of course the forms that they had filled in for us were no good and we were handed the new style forms! Anyway Tamara controlled the situation and soon we were fully fledged residents of Alcudia!

Leaving Tamara outside she was off to find the Health Centre in the Port of Alcudia to get us registered there as now we have the official document showing we are residents we can now be allocated a doctor.

When that all gets done we will eventually have all our ‘official’ documents given to us. That is our residencia cards, health cards, certificate of registration on the Padron and anything else I have forgotten!

Oh the easy part was my OH driving licence medical. Go to the authorised medical centre, see the doctor, take the tests, pay the 57 Euros and you’re done. Also as an added extra my OH ‘saved’ the nurse from a cockroach! Now all we have to do is wait for the licence to arrive in the post.

So it has only taken 8 months so far 😉

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Today Should Have Been The Day

Today I should have been getting ready to go to Palma to see the Notary. Today should have been the day when we purchased our home. But it’s not.

Yesterday the seller decided he couldn’t spare the time to go to the notary. A brief text message from our solicitor notified us that the appointment was now off and he would phone after court – he hasn’t.

So I have now had to ‘undo’ all the arrangements that I made and have a long Easter weekend of sitting doing nothing when I could have been settling into my new home.

I was warned about the attitude out here but I guess you don’t understand it until you have experienced it. I thought I was prepared for it but on something as important (and expensive) as buying a house I thought it might have been different. It isn’t.

I could say more, but I won’t, for at the moment I feel upset and I may say something I might later regret.

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Property Purchase Update

The proposed completion at the end of this week is not going ahead.

At the moment the seller is waiting for his bank to inform him of the settlement figure for the mortgage on the house and it is taking longer than he hoped.

So in an effort to prevent us from being disappointed the estate agent is suggesting we focus on the early part of March.

Oh well, the money is here in the bank, our solicitor is ready, we are ready, just the bank we are waiting for. C’est la vie – or should I say ‘que sera’.


The Warmth of Spain

Driving down to Magaluf on Friday the sun was shining, the mountains to our right and the almond blossom out on the trees reminded me of why I was here. The utter beauty of the island, which I don’t get much time to appreciate on working days, was the reason all those years ago we fell in love with this island.

Then today we sat out on the balcony and watched the coming and going of people arriving at their weekend and summer second homes. There was a flurry of activity that we haven’t seen since we arrived here in November. In a local bar the sound system was being tested in readiness for the coming season and I smiled as memories of summers gone by came to mind. This year we are going to see the emergence of life as summer arrives and I am looking forward to the experience.

This afternoon we nipped out to do a little shopping at Lidl and the friendliness of the cashier and the warmth of the people in general reminded me again of my reasons for leaving the UK.

I realise that the three months that we have been here have been fraught with Bureaocracy and stress as we have tried to get everything sorted but hopefully the worst is over and the best is yet to come.

I look forward to, hopefully, a problem free completion of our purchase and settling into our new home. To once again get our own possessions around us and to feel settled.

Yes a couple of little reminders of why we are here.

Everything else will get sorted – mañana.

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Relocation Update

I just realised that it has been a few days since my update.

The reason for this lapse has purely been the days have flown by in a haze of work, exchange rate crash, ups and downs, confusion, worry and optimism. If that sounds confusing well that is because it has been.

The bank problem is ongoing but hopefully that will be solved. We went to Magaluf again and the letter to the bank was written and sent to the bank. Hopefully they will reply favourably. A translation company has been booked and paid for to translate both the bank letter and our marriage certificate.

The money has been paid ready for the registration of the car and we have been asked to take the car manual with us for the engineer who is producing the engineers report. Then it will be the equivalent of the MOT and off to Palma to register the vehicle and pay the car tax. Oh and not forgetting to organise the car insurance!

Meanwhile the pound crashed and the money we had put by for a house seemed to be disappearing rapidly. I began to doubt whether we could afford anything and woke in the early hours wondering whether we had made the right decision and if we should give up and return to the UK.

Our estate agent was pushing us to make a decision on a house we had seen and so I told him I did not think we could afford it anymore.

Plan C would have been to buy on the mainland where property prices were within our price range. So we started looking online to see if that was possible.

An email from our estate agent threw us back into the game when he dropped the price on the property and once more we were in with a chance.

So to date we have an offer being put forward with the option contract going back and forth between our estate agent and our solicitor. When and if they agree with the wording we have the deposit ready to put down.

The pound seems to be recovering slowly and hopefully it will continue to rise and make our purchase a more comfortable decision.

My work has been chaotic and living out of a suitcase (almost) for 3 months is starting to be a strain – both emotionally and financially.

But we have now got our NIE numbers – hooray one step forward! Also we are registered at the tax office and have our page of bar coded numbers so that we can hand them over when needed. I just have to find out what I need them for…

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Frustrating day – Bureaocracy

Yesterday was a frustrating day all round. So much so that when we had a big thunder storm at bedtime I couldn’t be bothered to look (and I love storms).

Bureaocracy is frustrating, annoying, time consuming and just a downright pain!

From the Spanish side they want proof that we can afford to live in their country. Fair enough, shame the UK doesn’t do the same. All they want is a letter from your bank confirming that you have xxx amount going into your account each month. That is where the problem starts. I have my salary paid into Barclays, my husband has his pension paid into Santander.

So I write to both banks asking for confirmation. No reply.

In the end I phone Barclays (which costs a bomb on Pay As You Go – which we are on until we get our NIE) to be put on hold while they find out and then to be told that they can’t do it unless the third party get my authorisation and they write to Barclays requesting the information. Ok another trip to Magaluf then!

So if that is Barclays then I guess Santander will be the same so I ask our advisor if just the one letter from Barclays will suffice. After all my salary will cover both of us as the Spanish immigration office don’t expect you to have too much each month just sufficient that you can survive.

I am told yes I can cover both of us. Good! No not really. Actually they will need to see our marriage certificate to ensure we are married. That’s ok I’ve got it with me. No. Actually they need a plurilingual marriage certificate so they can understand what is written on it!

So where do I get that?

From the General Register Office in the UK.

Now I have researched my family tree so I am used to ordering certificates online. Not so easy, you can’t find anything about a plurilingual certificate! So I emailed them. “You will get a reply from someone within 5 working days” says the automated reply!!

So as I silently SCREAM I continue to juggle organising things and dealing with work which has been problematic in itself this week.

I wonder why I get headaches…