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Relocating to Mallorca

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After a bit of a hiccup with the residencia (two days before we arrived they changed the rules and wanted the Social Services – if that’s the lot that do the health cards – to rubber stamp our S1 application).  My husband is a pensioner and I get health care as a dependant.

Mallorca Solutions who are undertaking all the paperwork for us asked the rather nice guy at the Oficina de Extranjeros to mark our forms as recognised so we would not have to travel to Palma again.  He kindly did that and therefore after Tamara at Mallorca Solutions went and got the said ‘stamp’ on our S1 forms we were granted our residencia.

I have seen on forums mention of paper ‘residencias’ with expiry dates but Louise scanned our residencias so we could see that they had got them at their office.  I was pleased to see that they are in fact proper credit card sized residencia cards with no expiry date on them!

Yay, that’s another step on.

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Purchase update

I just realised that 10 days has gone by since I last posted with an update!

It has been a stressful time. Right up to the last minute the purchase was on and off with delays and problems and on the day we were due to see the Notary we were hanging around waiting for the bank that we were paying for the house to give us a final figure.

Finally the amount was decided and it was a dash to our bank for a bank cheque and then a speedy drive to Palma to see the Notary. Luckily Carles our estate agent drove us and although we were an hour late he was in constant contact with them on the phone.

Being a Brit the horror I felt at being late for an official appointment was just met by a Spanish shrug and dismissal. This is Spain the notary will still be there.

About half an hour or so later with all the official bits done it was time for a bite to eat with Carles. Celebration time – except he got called away to view a property. Oh well we sat in the plaza waiting until he finished and he picked us up to go back home.

With keys in our hand he suggested that we might like a quick trip to our house first. Of course!

So after a tense few weeks, or should I say 4 months, we now have a home. In just 6 days time out furniture will be delivered from storage and we will move in.

Time now to make all the repairs and get used to the place.

No turning back now 😉

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A Day of Pondering and Calm

After this last week of chaos and stress while we have watched perhaps our dream slipping away I have been left pondering.

As feelings have been in turmoil and the focus has been on what other people have been doing to affect our future I am taking stock today.

“It is better to try and to fail than to fail to try and forever experience the inestimable loss of what might have been.” – unknown


I went for a stroll down to the beach and walked passed the places we have known and loved for over 25 years.  The past 14 weeks have blurred our memories and caused disappointment and resentment in place of the happiness and joy we have experienced in all those years.

But on my stroll I realised that all we love is still here.  Why should I let the actions of one group of people forever mar my memories.

I sat on the wall and looked out at the sea; I looked at our favourite places and remembered.  So many years and so many memories.

Twenty five years cannot be wiped out by 14 weeks.

For to fail at this venture would mean never to return here again.  Financially it would no longer be possible to holiday on a pension and one wage.

However our future is no longer in our hands – only fate holds the key (and the greedy estate agents).

There reaches a point where you have to draw the line.  To decide that to lose much more money would mean financial catastrophe.  Therefore I have a deadline.  A point in time by which we succeed here or fail.  At the end of that deadline we will have no choice than to leave.

But we would have tried.

An expensive experiment perhaps but far better to look back with no ‘what ifs’.

This week our future is decided by which way the hammer will fall.  But my memories on this island I love will not be ruined – just stained a little perhaps.

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Relocation Update

I just realised that it has been a few days since my update.

The reason for this lapse has purely been the days have flown by in a haze of work, exchange rate crash, ups and downs, confusion, worry and optimism. If that sounds confusing well that is because it has been.

The bank problem is ongoing but hopefully that will be solved. We went to Magaluf again and the letter to the bank was written and sent to the bank. Hopefully they will reply favourably. A translation company has been booked and paid for to translate both the bank letter and our marriage certificate.

The money has been paid ready for the registration of the car and we have been asked to take the car manual with us for the engineer who is producing the engineers report. Then it will be the equivalent of the MOT and off to Palma to register the vehicle and pay the car tax. Oh and not forgetting to organise the car insurance!

Meanwhile the pound crashed and the money we had put by for a house seemed to be disappearing rapidly. I began to doubt whether we could afford anything and woke in the early hours wondering whether we had made the right decision and if we should give up and return to the UK.

Our estate agent was pushing us to make a decision on a house we had seen and so I told him I did not think we could afford it anymore.

Plan C would have been to buy on the mainland where property prices were within our price range. So we started looking online to see if that was possible.

An email from our estate agent threw us back into the game when he dropped the price on the property and once more we were in with a chance.

So to date we have an offer being put forward with the option contract going back and forth between our estate agent and our solicitor. When and if they agree with the wording we have the deposit ready to put down.

The pound seems to be recovering slowly and hopefully it will continue to rise and make our purchase a more comfortable decision.

My work has been chaotic and living out of a suitcase (almost) for 3 months is starting to be a strain – both emotionally and financially.

But we have now got our NIE numbers – hooray one step forward! Also we are registered at the tax office and have our page of bar coded numbers so that we can hand them over when needed. I just have to find out what I need them for…


Commitment Nerves?

Woke up this morning feeling a little strange…

We spent the weekend talking about the house we saw on Friday. We took a drive around the area again. I got out and had a walk and everything felt good. We are booked to view it a second time tomorrow and we intend, if we feel the same, to put in an offer.

So why do I feel scared! Well nervous really – scared is too strong a word.

I remember 4 months ago when we first sold our house in the UK getting those ‘what if’ moments. You know that time when the little voice in your head says what if this happens or that happens or what if this doesn’t happen or that doesn’t happen! Those niggly little doubts that creep in when the future is unknown.

I guess it is because by purchasing a house and spending all that we have we are making the ultimate commitment. We want to get it right.

But what is right?

I guess when you are younger making life changing decisions is less scary. After all you have all those years ahead of you and you tend to have the confidence of youth. The future is not so scary as there is so much more of it ahead of you, you have the years ahead to rectify any mistakes you may make.

But when you have reached retirement age or, like me, you only have a few more working years ahead, the future – and any mistakes you make – get that much more serious.

But I feel the doubts and the early morning fears receding as I write my blog. By writing my thoughts I allow myself to know what is going on in the depths of my mind. Perhaps not always a good thing!

I hope that my ramblings allow others that are going through, or thinking of going through, the same circumstances to realise that they are not alone. That doubts and fears are a normal reaction to life changing decisions and that in some ways it is a more sensible way of being than by rushing headlong in without questioning the outcome of your actions.

Already I can read back over my blog and realise just how far we have travelled in these four months. In another four months who knows what we will have achieved.

I guess looking toward the future is quite a scary business. The unknown is just that – the unknown – and maybe that is what makes life so scary, exciting, interesting and unpredictable. Life would be pretty boring if we knew exactly what would happen wouldn’t it?