Living In Mallorca

Relocating to Mallorca

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After a bit of a hiccup with the residencia (two days before we arrived they changed the rules and wanted the Social Services – if that’s the lot that do the health cards – to rubber stamp our S1 application).  My husband is a pensioner and I get health care as a dependant.

Mallorca Solutions who are undertaking all the paperwork for us asked the rather nice guy at the Oficina de Extranjeros to mark our forms as recognised so we would not have to travel to Palma again.  He kindly did that and therefore after Tamara at Mallorca Solutions went and got the said ‘stamp’ on our S1 forms we were granted our residencia.

I have seen on forums mention of paper ‘residencias’ with expiry dates but Louise scanned our residencias so we could see that they had got them at their office.  I was pleased to see that they are in fact proper credit card sized residencia cards with no expiry date on them!

Yay, that’s another step on.

I Finally Made It

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I actually made it. After the chaos, the ups and the downs, and the stresses of the past few weeks we have arrived.

The journey here was not without it’s problems. Nothing serious as the roads through France were quiet but sleeping in the car sitting up (car full of everything we need for next few months) was both uncomfortable and very cold. Add to that the fact that I was feeling rough as I was coming down with a bad cough and cold, I was relieved to reach Barcelona and get on that ferry!

But here we are and now my posts will move on to the next stage – the adjustments, the settling in, and all the 101 things that need to be done to enable us to progress on with our plans.

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Last Day of Internet Broadband

Today Virgin are cutting off our broadband connection and collecting their equipment.

That should curtail my online activities as I will be left with a pay as you go SIM card!

When I will be back on broadband is in the hands of the Spanish Internet providers and as we don’t arrive in Mallorca until Wednesday then my entries will be a bit hit and miss. Crikey it will be like losing a part of my anatomy!

So until I am cut off I will be online arranging the sending of my Xmas cards via Moonpig, checking the activity on Facebook and basically just doing all last minute things that I can think that I need to do.

Offline there is still plenty of packing to do, the last bit of washing to get done, taking apart the wardrobes, beds etc, drying out the white goods that are going into storage like washing machine, fridge freezer, dishwasher etc so they don’t go mouldy in storage and a host of last minute other things that I remember as we go around taking apart the last 30 years of our lives.

Tomorrow I will ring my mum at our allotted hour via Skype hooked up to a hotspot created by our mobiles and continue with the packing.

Sunday will be spent again with last minute packing, dismantling our bed (we will sleep on the bed settee) and testing out whether we can get everything in the car for our onward journey and first few months in rented accommodation.

In-between all of that I have to find the time to go through the house cleaning as I want to leave it in good condition before the first time buyers start their new lives together in our house.

Still so much to do!

It is all so very surreal and I still don’t think it has sunk in and probably won’t for a while yet!

Wish me well on my journey and I hope to report back soon…