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Property Purchase Update

The proposed completion at the end of this week is not going ahead.

At the moment the seller is waiting for his bank to inform him of the settlement figure for the mortgage on the house and it is taking longer than he hoped.

So in an effort to prevent us from being disappointed the estate agent is suggesting we focus on the early part of March.

Oh well, the money is here in the bank, our solicitor is ready, we are ready, just the bank we are waiting for. C’est la vie – or should I say ‘que sera’.

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House hunting is giving me a headache

House hunting is giving me a headache! Just what is compromise and how far do you go?

Nearly 8 weeks of scouring properties online and going with estate agents looking at some of the strangest, the grottiest and some of the most fabulous of places has left me feeling totally confused.

If I had another 20,000 or so then there would be no problem but we don’t. We are living on one pension and my wage so we can not afford to get a mortgage. So where does that leave us?

Unfortunately one of the first properties that we saw we fell in love with. It was in the right location, laid out exactly how we liked it and had the wow factor. The problem is that the owners would not budge from their asking price. “They have to sell” said the agent. Next he said “they have someone interested but they may not get a mortgage”.

We cannot afford to wait another 2 or 3 months. For a start that will bring us into the holiday season when rental prices are sky high and also our furniture is in storage and that will cost us another £600 or so!

We always say we will know it when we see it. Well the properties we saw yesterday have thrown us – well one anyway. The first would have cost us too much to put a kitchen in and get an electrician but the second one….

The problem with the second one is the location. It is not an area we would have normally picked and the road is tucked in between a couple of what I initially thought were hotels but am told are residential apartment blocks. It is not anywhere near our friends (unless by car) but it is within walking distance of the supermarket, the beach (a long walk), the port (another long walk) and is only a few minutes walk from the view of the mountains.

The property itself has been long term rented but is now up for sale and is the type of ‘look’ that we go for. The interior is bigger than the house we left in the UK but it is mid terrace and therefore the car would have to be out on the road. Mind you that is something the Spanish are used to doing.

Walking into the house felt ‘comfortable’ and I liked the layout (even the quirky shower room under the stairs). Note I said liked and not loved!

I think we could make it into a lovely house with a bit of tlc but my headache is caused by a fear of making the wrong decision.

We lived in our house in the UK for 29 years. I do not want to move again. So will this compromise make us happy?

We can’t afford to wait, there are no houses coming on the market and I don’t want to make the wrong decision.

I think we need to walk passed it again, to take another look inside and be realistic. We do not have a bottomless pit of money and we need to make a decision relatively quickly. I need to go on gut feeling and not think about it so much…