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Today Should Have Been The Day

Today I should have been getting ready to go to Palma to see the Notary. Today should have been the day when we purchased our home. But it’s not.

Yesterday the seller decided he couldn’t spare the time to go to the notary. A brief text message from our solicitor notified us that the appointment was now off and he would phone after court – he hasn’t.

So I have now had to ‘undo’ all the arrangements that I made and have a long Easter weekend of sitting doing nothing when I could have been settling into my new home.

I was warned about the attitude out here but I guess you don’t understand it until you have experienced it. I thought I was prepared for it but on something as important (and expensive) as buying a house I thought it might have been different. It isn’t.

I could say more, but I won’t, for at the moment I feel upset and I may say something I might later regret.

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Notary is booked

Almost exactly four months to the day since we moved here the Notary is booked!

We arrived here on Wednesday 28th November and we purchase our house on Wednesday 27th March.

It has been a long, and stressful, journey but we are nearing the end of the first stage.

We have our NIE numbers, our car has passed all its inspections and we now await the arrival of our Spanish plates.

I am registered for tax and everything else is in hand awaiting our permanent address so that we can receive our health cards, our residencia, registration at the town hall, the change of our driving licences to Spanish ones and anything else that I may have forgotten.

The assistance we have received from Mallorca Solutions has been invaluable as they have undertaken the minefield of paperwork and guided us in the right direction. It has been money well spent.

We now have an excellent abogado, know a great garage for our car’s needs, have my small private pension moved offshore and someone at the end of the phone to guide and assist us with any concerns that we may have.

While I have managed to maintain the standards of my workload from Mallorca without London barely noticing a change the next challenge will be to get satellite broadband to replace the Vodafone dongle that I am at present using.

But the worst is over.

With our purchase falling just before the Easter break it will give us time to go into our new home and give it a good clean through before our furniture can come out of storage and be delivered the following week.

We will have the time to check everything is in working order and start to get a ‘feel’ for our new home.

We bought our little house in the UK from new and remained living there for 29 years. The changes that we made over the years made it into the home that it was.
Now we have a new home. Built in 2001 this house has always been rented and so we will be the first to own and care for it. It may take some time but this little house can become the way we want it to be.

Our UK house had 29 years worth of memories, from our children at young ages to our grandchildren, now this new home will be filled with memories of our new life in this new stage of our lives.

Change is never easy and it takes some getting used to, but it is an essential ingredient in your life for avoiding stagnation and keeping you ‘alive’.

Just 3 more days and we move forward – wish us good luck on our journey 😉

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Just a hiccup – or something more serious?

There has been a hiccup in our plans, once again!

An email from our abogado on Thursday left me feeling rather fed up and wondering whether we would actually ever complete on our purchase.

Apparently the seller (construction company) had been to his bank to get a final figure on the outstanding mortgage on his property only to find that the mortgage was more than the offer we had made. “A little more” were the exact words.

He is having further discussions with his bank and we should know the outcome in about a week’s time.

My dilemma is that we have no further money available to increase our offer. Also I am left wondering whether or not this is just a ploy that the seller is using in an attempt to get more money out of us.

After all he knows we are in a hurry to complete!

I feel a little bit suspicious – after all he has 9 properties that he is selling, you think he would have known how much mortgage was left outstanding before he accepted our offer and allowed us to involve the costs of searches, abogado etc.

Add to that the continued storage and rent costs we are incurring while we wait to move into a new home I can see what little money we had going steadily downhill.

I believe it is a matter of ‘oh it’s the English that are buying, they have money, lets get some more out of them’!

Sorry mr construction company, we are English but we are not capitalistas and we have no more money. Don’t mess us around – either sell it to us or not, one or the other!

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Second Viewing

We went for a second viewing of a house today. It looked bigger today as Carles opened the windows and the sunshine illuminated the rooms.

We looked at it properly this time, trying light switches, cupboard doors, taps and showers and yes there were quite a few bits that needed some care. I suppose after long term renting all it needs is a bit of TLC. Now that is a new word we taught Carles 😉

After visualising where our own items could go and how we would get round certain things we decided to put in an offer. Carles didn’t think that the owner would accept our first offer but he told me to slow down. I said we wanted to be in somewhere by March and he said we still had plenty of time.

He explained just how quick sales go through in Spain and told me to wait a bit longer. He said that we had at least another couple of weeks in which he was going to contact the owners of the first house that we loved to see if their circumstances had changed and he would also phone round a few people to see if anything else was coming on.

He also added that they had no one else ready to view the house that we had seen today so there was no rush to put in an offer. In fact he wasn’t going to put in an offer on our behalf just yet.

It seems so strange to have an estate agent refusing to put in an offer and telling you to wait. You think they would snatch your arm off but no – he wants to make sure we get the right house for us!

That is just so sweet.


Commitment Nerves?

Woke up this morning feeling a little strange…

We spent the weekend talking about the house we saw on Friday. We took a drive around the area again. I got out and had a walk and everything felt good. We are booked to view it a second time tomorrow and we intend, if we feel the same, to put in an offer.

So why do I feel scared! Well nervous really – scared is too strong a word.

I remember 4 months ago when we first sold our house in the UK getting those ‘what if’ moments. You know that time when the little voice in your head says what if this happens or that happens or what if this doesn’t happen or that doesn’t happen! Those niggly little doubts that creep in when the future is unknown.

I guess it is because by purchasing a house and spending all that we have we are making the ultimate commitment. We want to get it right.

But what is right?

I guess when you are younger making life changing decisions is less scary. After all you have all those years ahead of you and you tend to have the confidence of youth. The future is not so scary as there is so much more of it ahead of you, you have the years ahead to rectify any mistakes you may make.

But when you have reached retirement age or, like me, you only have a few more working years ahead, the future – and any mistakes you make – get that much more serious.

But I feel the doubts and the early morning fears receding as I write my blog. By writing my thoughts I allow myself to know what is going on in the depths of my mind. Perhaps not always a good thing!

I hope that my ramblings allow others that are going through, or thinking of going through, the same circumstances to realise that they are not alone. That doubts and fears are a normal reaction to life changing decisions and that in some ways it is a more sensible way of being than by rushing headlong in without questioning the outcome of your actions.

Already I can read back over my blog and realise just how far we have travelled in these four months. In another four months who knows what we will have achieved.

I guess looking toward the future is quite a scary business. The unknown is just that – the unknown – and maybe that is what makes life so scary, exciting, interesting and unpredictable. Life would be pretty boring if we knew exactly what would happen wouldn’t it?