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Spain and the cold

I was warned about the cold!

But until you experience it you can’t quite comprehend it. Temperatures are not as bad as the UK but living in a home with no central heating it is the damp along with the cold that gets to you.

We have joked about how soft we have got over the years and how it was only in recent years we actually had central heating in the UK. But when you awake to inside temperatures of 14 C coupled with condensation streaming down the windows you just want to huddle up in something warm. Simple things like getting stripped off to have a wash (daren’t have a shower until the condensation has gone) is something you dread doing.

The heaters seem to take forever to raise the temperature and goodness only knows how much the electricity bills are going to be as the electric fans whir away in an attempt to remove the condensation and heat the place.

Finding my shoes in the wardrobe covered in mould I realised just how damp the walls were and how the oil filled radiator needed to be left switched on in the bedroom. After all that is where we are sleeping and where your body is at its most vulnerable.

But this has not put me off.

I know that when we get our own home we will have to remember during the hot summer months that winter will come again and that one of our main priorities will be to ensure that we are prepared for when it turns cold again.

Meanwhile we grin and bear it – and look ahead waiting for the change in seasons and hope that Spring is just around the corner.