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Christmas Eve/Nochebuena

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Christmas Eve is here and while the Spanish have finished work and are spending this important evening with their families or friends eating, drinking or going to Mass we are sitting watching TV and trying to remind ourselves that it is Christmas.

This is our second Christmas living here but the first year living in our own home. Today has been bright, if not a little windy. A walk by the lake this morning I watched as about 80 ducks or geese (I must look them up) waterskied across the surface. Or that’s what it looked like. They are quite big black birds with a longish neck and they all flapped their wings in unison and skidded across with feet touching the water. First they all went in one direction and then they went back and did it in the other direction. Not too sure what it is all about but it may have something to do with herding the fish into one area before feasting.

We watched for a while and then continued with our walk.

Tonight I took Freddy to the green. I took his extendible lead again and he thoroughly enjoyed prancing around and almost ‘free’. He soon got the hang of how far he could go before reaching the end of the line and then he would turn round and run back again. All those different scents in the middle where he didn’t normally walk were now accessible to him. He was a happy little dog.

Call me silly but I wrapped up a bone for him today and also a new solid rubber ball. He will be the only one opening presents in the morning as after 31 years there are no more surprises to be had. Also there are no handy shops to wander around anyway.

The Christmas cards received are sitting on top of my units and they are the reminder of the time of year although a handful of houses or apartments nearby are displaying festive lights and an occasional Santa climbing over the balcony. As I look at them I wonder what nationality lives within for surely the Spanish would have the Three Kings.

Feliz Navidad is mostly replaced with Felices Fiestas to wish people happy holidays rather than happy Christmas. After all there are so many nationalities that not all faiths celebrate Christmas but they do celebrate holidays!

Families and friends are in our thoughts as we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays


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