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December in Alcudia

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The good thing about winter in Mallorca is that you can take your dog for a walk on the beach.

On a sunny, mild, day there is nothing quite like a stroll by the sea and for Freddy it was his first experience of beach life.

Being a bit wary of letting him off the lead I played safe and attached an extendible lead.

The expression on his face when he realised he could run further was so funny and to start with he ran round and round me like a horse in a ring. He could canter and jump. It was fun!

Seaweed was another new experience and he sniffed and jumped in it. My experience was treading on some seaweed to find my foot disappear in a hole and my shoe fill with water!

Oh well it was fun!

Meeting new dogs was interesting too although Freddy hasn’t got very good dog etiquette and wanted them all to play with him when all they wanted to do was say hello.

It was a fun time and I would love to let him off the lead to run and play but his attention span is far too short at the moment and distractions far too many.

Maybe one day.


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