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Today Should Have Been The Day

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Today I should have been getting ready to go to Palma to see the Notary. Today should have been the day when we purchased our home. But it’s not.

Yesterday the seller decided he couldn’t spare the time to go to the notary. A brief text message from our solicitor notified us that the appointment was now off and he would phone after court – he hasn’t.

So I have now had to ‘undo’ all the arrangements that I made and have a long Easter weekend of sitting doing nothing when I could have been settling into my new home.

I was warned about the attitude out here but I guess you don’t understand it until you have experienced it. I thought I was prepared for it but on something as important (and expensive) as buying a house I thought it might have been different. It isn’t.

I could say more, but I won’t, for at the moment I feel upset and I may say something I might later regret.

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