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Winter in Mallorca

As I look out the window this morning the sun is shining and the sky is blue with fluffy white clouds. The temperature at 8.30 in the morning is nearly 13 C. If this is a winter in Mallorca then I am happy.

It is interesting watching and experiencing the weather patterns. Last night the wind from the land suddenly picked up and we pulled balcony furniture safely close to the doors and closed all shutters. It comes and goes so quickly but it is no surprise to us. You only have to look at the shape of the trees near the coastline to realise how strong the winds can be.

As I took some rubbish to the bins it was strange. There did not appear to be any sign of life. All shutters were closed, no people were wandering around and even the feral cats seemed to have disappeared and gone into hiding.

Chatting to Carles on Saturday he said that perhaps there will be one more storm and then as we head into March and Semana Santa the weather will slowly start to settle and warm up as Spring begins.

I look forward to watching the change in life as weather warms, the humidity levels lessen, the almond blossom floods the island and animals and humans alike look forward to warmer nights and the return of people as shops and bars open and the tourist season begins.

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Relocation Update

I just realised that it has been a few days since my update.

The reason for this lapse has purely been the days have flown by in a haze of work, exchange rate crash, ups and downs, confusion, worry and optimism. If that sounds confusing well that is because it has been.

The bank problem is ongoing but hopefully that will be solved. We went to Magaluf again and the letter to the bank was written and sent to the bank. Hopefully they will reply favourably. A translation company has been booked and paid for to translate both the bank letter and our marriage certificate.

The money has been paid ready for the registration of the car and we have been asked to take the car manual with us for the engineer who is producing the engineers report. Then it will be the equivalent of the MOT and off to Palma to register the vehicle and pay the car tax. Oh and not forgetting to organise the car insurance!

Meanwhile the pound crashed and the money we had put by for a house seemed to be disappearing rapidly. I began to doubt whether we could afford anything and woke in the early hours wondering whether we had made the right decision and if we should give up and return to the UK.

Our estate agent was pushing us to make a decision on a house we had seen and so I told him I did not think we could afford it anymore.

Plan C would have been to buy on the mainland where property prices were within our price range. So we started looking online to see if that was possible.

An email from our estate agent threw us back into the game when he dropped the price on the property and once more we were in with a chance.

So to date we have an offer being put forward with the option contract going back and forth between our estate agent and our solicitor. When and if they agree with the wording we have the deposit ready to put down.

The pound seems to be recovering slowly and hopefully it will continue to rise and make our purchase a more comfortable decision.

My work has been chaotic and living out of a suitcase (almost) for 3 months is starting to be a strain – both emotionally and financially.

But we have now got our NIE numbers – hooray one step forward! Also we are registered at the tax office and have our page of bar coded numbers so that we can hand them over when needed. I just have to find out what I need them for…