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The Warmth of Spain


Driving down to Magaluf on Friday the sun was shining, the mountains to our right and the almond blossom out on the trees reminded me of why I was here. The utter beauty of the island, which I don’t get much time to appreciate on working days, was the reason all those years ago we fell in love with this island.

Then today we sat out on the balcony and watched the coming and going of people arriving at their weekend and summer second homes. There was a flurry of activity that we haven’t seen since we arrived here in November. In a local bar the sound system was being tested in readiness for the coming season and I smiled as memories of summers gone by came to mind. This year we are going to see the emergence of life as summer arrives and I am looking forward to the experience.

This afternoon we nipped out to do a little shopping at Lidl and the friendliness of the cashier and the warmth of the people in general reminded me again of my reasons for leaving the UK.

I realise that the three months that we have been here have been fraught with Bureaocracy and stress as we have tried to get everything sorted but hopefully the worst is over and the best is yet to come.

I look forward to, hopefully, a problem free completion of our purchase and settling into our new home. To once again get our own possessions around us and to feel settled.

Yes a couple of little reminders of why we are here.

Everything else will get sorted – mañana.

4 thoughts on “The Warmth of Spain

  1. if winters are like this, wet and grey, maybe u should look further afield, to gran canary. i hear their winters are sunny and warm. and when u consider the whole idea of moving to spain is to get away from the uk winter, it would be terribly disappointing to find this place is just as bad as uk in winter.

    • My attraction to Mallorca is that we love the island. Plus we have many friends here. So we will put up with whatever weather we get.

      • my apologies, i have read your posts further down and come to realise that too, so i can understand why u chose mallorca. i look forwrd to reading of your adventures in your new home. such an exciting time for you,

  2. That’s ok no problem. Thank you for reading my blog and I’m glad you like it.

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